“If only I’d known that some of my employees/customers had started to feel that way, ​I would have acted quickly and prevented the problems that ensued.”

RBX Pulse and Pulse Plus are unique ‘big data’ tools, providing immediate, objective, data driven insights into how your employees and customers are likely to behave as a result of the environment and experience you, as the leader, have created.

RBX Pulse and Pulse Plus are user-friendly on-line ​assessments which will not only help you improve your organisation’s performance, but uniquely can also provide an invaluable and instantaneous ‘early warning’ insight into potential problems, thereby giving you time to act and address them.

So being able to predict potential problems means you can act early and then focus on success!

Both tools are RBX Big Data services providing immediate, objective, data driven solutions

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RBX Pulse provides a unique measure of how people are feeling in relation to their workplace experience.

RBX Pulse Plus is a state of the art profiling tool which identifies what drives them.

RBX Pulse+ is a state of the art profiling tool which identifies what drives them.

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RBX Pulse and Pulse Plus are unparalleled tools for measuring business and organisational performance generally. Their application in specific areas can bring immediate results with significant financial benefits.

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